The Bible

I chose, for my header graphic, the image of an open, well-used bible for the symbolic paradigm on which the subject matter of my blog rests.

The Bible is the source of knowledge and comfort that all Christians turn to for the source of light it offers and it alone can provide. The bible is an earth-available oracle that allows us to peer into eternity and view the very thoughts and mind of Almighty God Himself. It is the inspired, inerrant, authoritative word of God; and therefore, the only rule and standard for Christian faith and practice.

Human knowledge: reason, experience and intellect alone cannot answer the crucial, but ageless questions of: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Is there any purpose to human existence? Where is history going?  Unless there is another source that carries us beyond the earth-bound limits of reason and experience, there is no hope of finding these basic issues of meaning and significance. The bible claims to provide this source of knowledge. It lives up to that claim unlike any other volume of works circulated world-wide, religious or philosophical.

Over the ages many have sifted the Bible looking for error, inconsistencies, falsehood, and failed. In spite of persecution, perversion, criticism, abuse, and time, the Bible has survived virtually intact. Many have sought to ban and destroy the Bible, but their efforts have been futile. It is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.

Men and women of all times and lands and stations in life have sought the pages of the Bible for comfort, wisdom and challenge. Pioneers on horseback, truck drivers in their semis and astronauts circling the moon have pondered its truths. Gang leaders in cities and headhunters in the Amazon have been transformed by its message. As a rainbow that draws mankind’s attention skyward, though the Bibles colors are many and its spectrum is wide, it is, nonetheless one graceful arch of hope over a storm-darkened planet, varied in its appeal – singular in its beauty. Reading the Bible isn’t just about knowledge – it’s about connecting with Almighty God.



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