A Christology 0f Feeling

“Hegel, himself no friend of biblical Christianity, criticized Schleiermacher, saying that if the essence of religion was the feeling of absolute dependence, then the dog, being absolutely dependent upon people, is the most divine creature of all. Many people feel dependent on their spouses, their jobs, or the teaching of other religions, but this does not make them truly pious. Only those dependent upon the biblical Jesus, who is fully God and fully man, will ever find salvation (John 14:6).”

Christianity is not based on absolute dependence, but freedom. It alone offers a growing freedom from absolute dependence on the mirage of materialism of this world and its ever-changing values.
A religion based on “a feeling of absolute dependence” or a “feeling” of any kind has to be a false premise because human feelings change as often as human moods.

Christianity is based on salvation through redemption. Salvation through redemption isn’t based on a “feeling”, but on fact-based reality that comes by divine revelation to those who willingly receive it. Willingly: an act of the will to accept and receive truth when recognized.

Truth is not relative, it is self-existent. It may go unrecognized, it may be denied or rejected, but it cannot be extinguished.

If I wake up in the morning feeling like I chased an anal acoustic through a keg of nails in my nightmares, I can still rest assured my eternal salvation remains intact by the fact of Christ’s word, which never changes. And having His word changes everything about my life for the better.