The Believing Heart

The believing heart does not haphazardly forge for itself some kind of god.

Rather, it looks to Him who is the true and only God. It does not ascribe to him whatever qualities it pleases but is content to take Him as he shows Himself to be; it is always careful not to depart from God’s will through headstrong pride.

Knowing him thus, and understanding that He governs all things by his providence, it confidently accepts him as guardian and protector, and therefore entrusts itself to His keeping, since it knows him to be the author of all that is good.

If beset by pressing need, it at once falls back on Him for help, and after calling on Him by name it awaits His aid, for it is persuaded that he is both generous and kind. It relies with assurance on His compassion, never doubting that for every distress there will be a remedy furnished by His mercy.

Since it acknowledges Him as Lord and Father, it considers him to be worthy whose commands it obeys, whose majesty it reveres, whose glory it endeavors to promote and whose will it follows. His name is Jesus Christ.

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    1. The believing heart is validated by the Scriptures. Outside of which it is not a “believing heart.” Thanks for the comment.


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