And He Meant It

Proving Christianity rests on the reliability of the Bible. If the Bible is singular in its divine revelation, then it is by far the most important Book ever written in the history of the world. It becomes of the utmost importance for every person to read.

The Bible is proven trustworthy in various ways by the manuscript evidence by Archeology and by prophecy. Each of these has more factual proof than any other written book we have of ancient history. From 1958 there have been over 2,500 sites in the Bible that have been confirmed by archaeological discoveries. Archaeologists continue to use the Bible as their guide to excavating Middle East lands.

Those who reject the Bible being historically accurate,  are also rejecting it spiritually. They are bringing to question the Scriptures message of salvation. The reliability of Scripture is not exclusive to history or its spiritual message, but must include both. If the Bible is true, than what it speaks about man needing salvation is also true.

Only the Bible records the creation of the universe by a divine, eternal, infinite knowing being called God. The Bible contains a continuous historical record of mankind from the first man, Adam, to the end of history for mankind, having a beginning, middle, and ending. The Old Testament tells us somebody of over-arching significance is coming. The New Testament tells us that Person has come, and is coming again.

Only the Bible has the most realistic worldview with proven solutions for mankind and the worlds dilemma.

Continue Reading Here: Bible: Singular in Certitude


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