Inherited Christianity

For you Christian parents of adult children who walked away from the faith – well, it’s still all about personal commitment to and with Christ, as it always has been. You did the best you could for and with what you had to work with. And remember, too, that when a broken-hearted parent prays. God still listens

Samaritan's Song

I have attended church, quite literally, ever since I was born.

My mother used to take young me and plop me onto a blanket; I played and rolled over and ate and slept while she taught Sunday School.  I can’t remember a time when I was not in the pew of a church on Sunday.

I always knew, growing up, that this was obligatory – the attending-church part, anyway.  There was no question of staying home.  But I also knew, very early on, that being a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus was something else altogether: a distinct decision that had to be made by each individual.  Unlike attending church, I was aware that this was something my parents could not make me do, nor was it something they could do for me.  It was something only I could do, and a choice I had to make for myself…

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