Musings To Ponder


Rambling Thoughts of a Ragamuffin Christian

Sometimes it does me good just to let my mind roll along without conscious guidance to see where or on what thought it will light, then move and skip along to another in a chain of meandering flotsam and jetsam in the backwaters of my mind. Being sometimes fruitful, but other times chaff to be released into the wind of swiftly passing time and remembered never more.

A sometime haunting thought I have is the question: Will there ever come a time when I have to think, but find myself out of the habit and therefore no longer harbor the ability? Thank God for Jesus Christ! He keeps that part of my mind, that goes much deeper than conscious thought, steadfastly corralled and locked within His own eternal heart for safe keeping.

An important distinction I feel I must clarify: Random pondering is never in league with heated scheming. One is as far removed from the other as the east is from the west in linear travel, and must never meet. I always found scheming to be absent of trust in The Almighty, and a futile endeavor to acquire the object I momentarily desired for whatever lapse of prudence temporarily came upon me. When I caught myself scheming I  quickly dropped it and sat and pondered what I had almost done. And handed that shiny instrument back to the devil, who had slipped it into my tool packet while I was unawares.

Following are some Quotable Quotes I skipped around, and over which I danced a few steps of minor pondering.  -Blessings, g.w.


“The tragedy of sin, is that it affects persons in their highest faculties.
Sin causes us to become fools, and behave in an irrational manner.
This generation of humanity, far from being ruled by reason, is ruled by lust for pleasures and passions for power.”  Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones 

-Sounds like the answer as to why Mass Insanity Creep is making its way around the world and among the nation’s seats of government.



Q: “How much of this bible stuff do I need to just get by?” (A question sometimes asked of me.)

A: “There are no shortcuts in the Christian life–no simple remedies.” Dr. M. Lloyd-Jones     So true. The Long way is the sure way, and the tried and true way.


“Nothing we do in the Christian life is harder than prayer.”  Dr. M. Lloyd-Jones 

–  Don’t believe it? Try it sometime. Being productive in Christ in so critical an endeavor, without moving a muscle, is counter-intuitive to the movers and shakers we all tend to fancy ourselves.

Hint for easing that labor: I learned when busy ‘moving and shaking’ in physical productivity, to replace talking to myself with praying (just talking) to Him about that which I find myself busy producing — and asking His help in keeping my mind steadfast on Him as well as the labor at hand. True, it is not as fulfilling and gratifying as concentrated conversation with Him in repose, but it does provide ample opportunity for praying continuously, as the Apostle Paul discovered.


“We have come to realize that a man and woman can be educated and cultured, and still be a beast!” Dr. M. Lloyd-Jones

-Want proof? Give them a position of power; especially on a seat of government.


“By definition, a Christian should be an enigma to every person who is not a Christian.” Dr. Lloyd-Jones 

-Not just so, but more so — a riddlewrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Anything less and it must be asked of them, what is causing and how much darkness is disguising their Light?


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