It Is Well with My Soul | Historical Origins of the Hymn & the Tune

Many or most of our classic Christian hymns have a definite and traceable history to the art of their creation. This one happens to be the dearly beloved classic, “It Is Well With My Soul.”


There is a strong connection in Scripture between singing and praising. The Psalms often instruct believers to sing their praises to God. For example, Psalm 47:6–7 states, “Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises! For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with understanding.” Also, James instructed cheerful believers to sing praises to God (James 5:13).

Hymns also include prayers of worship, invocation of God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit; supplication for God’s merciful favor, generosity through thanksgiving, and much more, with focus-central being The Most Holy One from we, who are in our search for holiness. That is, seeking to become more holy in a growing, incrementally, desire to be closer to God.

Christian Hymns wrap it all up through the art of music in which, in all forms, honors and keeps our eyes and attention fixed on Almighty God. As being a peculiar people we have our own peculiar way of praising and honoring Him in our life, as we give that life back to Him. How better to honor the precious gift that He gave to us, than by giving it back to Him, Almighty God in Christ. And in better condition than when he first salvaged us from a corrupt and lost world. All Glory to God. I did the corrupting of my soul, He did the saving and preserving.


The Lord Hears – and is Pleased!


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