Christianity Is Not About Being A Good Person. It Is In Fact About Us Being Very Awful People.

I hope you don’t mind my re- blogging this. It is one of the constants woven through C.h. Spurgeons preaching for as long as he was known as the Prince of Preachers. And it was the heart of the good news being spread by the first century church.

Samaritan's Song

“I think religion is amazing,” my acquaintance told me.

I think she was trying not to offend me.  She had recently discovered I was a Christian and, while she is “not religious at all, like personally,” she told me after that repeatedly that she likes the idea of religion and is fascinated by it and generally impressed by people of faith.

I am perfectly fine with this, not least because her attitude makes it very easy to have conversations about faith with her.  She likes to talk about spirituality, not least because her beliefs are heavily influenced by New Age thought, and because she is very eager to reassure everyone that she respects whatever they believe or do not believe at all times.   Occasionally, though, the conversation goes haywire.

We were talking recently about religion, and she was explaining to me that she liked to visit religious places: any kind…

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