Morning Quote w/Coffee

Is it morning already!? In my global position the sun says it is. And the Son will set you free in all global positions!


5 thoughts on “Morning Quote w/Coffee”

    1. “Trip over” this truth is kinda mild. So many find it so offensive they desire war over it. Truth is like that and nothing really new about it. The test post, yes. Been having so many tech problems lately with my site I finally reported them all to wp today. They only comm. by email now, so it may be some time before I get any resolution. I like to pretend it’s a big deal to give myself some lite entertainment. But I know it’s always been the way of life in the big world. 🙂

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        1. They have tried to bury Truth many times but He keeps resurrecting. Likewise those who carry the message of Truth far and wide. Truth is eternal and will not stay dead. That is our commemoration each year near this time. Happy Easter is code-speak for He Is Risen! 🙂

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