Poetry! That Pocket Prose

I know i-ron pyrite ain’t gold


I don’t wizard nothin’ ’bout poetry

I write poetry

call it poetry

 label it poetry

it becomes

a little bud

then blossoms.


I said

in the eye of the beholder,

and voilà!

poetry not

or maybe yes


I, poet is still born.

( Yep. it’s -g.w )



[Note to myself: when I’m in a mood, don’t publish.]

[Note to myself-2: I’m in a mood always. moods keep changing.]

[Note to myself-3: Don’t publish. Ever.]

[Note to myself-4: I doed it anyway.]

[Note to myself-5:  know what the word ‘stupid’ means?]

[Note to myself-6: yes. it’s boiled vegetables.]

[Note to myself-7: no, that’s stew–…… I. rest. my. case.]

16 thoughts on “Poetry! That Pocket Prose”

  1. Haha! I can relate to the “in a mood” writings. I have drafts galore that aren’t published. People might assume me to have been under the influence of a mind-altering substance for some of the crazy stuff I’ve written, but really the strangest stuff comes out of my mind straight-up.

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    1. Publish them now! Publish them quickly! You will become famous! Mind-altering substances? We don got no mind- altering substance! We don’t need no stinkin’ mind-altering substances. We have mind-altering experiences! Ha-Ha. Not only legal, but honestly earned. Mood release – needed, courageous, human. And it doesn’t even have to be in country western rhythm. It’s not a serious malady. It’s mostly fun while within the shadows at the edge of joy. 😉 But I do feel the need to get back to semi-serious writing. Too much play makes jack a dull boy. Just glad my name is not Jack.

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      1. Laughing here as I appreciate the Treasure Of Sierra Madre reference! I use that one often, and in fact I used it in a recent blog entry, though I can’t recall where right now. I’m up to my eyeballs in decluttering a room and can barely focus beyond that, but need these little reading breaks to retain a semblance of sanity.

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                    1. I viewed and commented that post. Great subject to use that quote on. I have always avoided Facebook even when it was growing in popularity and people were try to get me to “join.” Just always had a “bad feeling” about it I guess.

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