Night Sails

Night Writing

I write at night that my words


catch the air in motion as the vacuum

of snoozing chroniclers/

stirs a fair breeze for the sails

of the evening/ to billow full and carry far/

over drifting clouds and sky/

of digital generation/

on veiled wings

in ether netlike connections/

to carry my words/

in varied direction that follows

an interlink webbing/

extending/ encasing this colossus blue ball

of communication addiction/

unannounced and free/

the message sailing broad and far

through aerosphere/

waiting to be snatched/


reeled down/




and answered

or not/


that God may bless His word

as it goes forth/


 not return to Him empty|


8 thoughts on “Night Sails”

  1. WordPress post of the day! Or the night, as it were. I love this! I envision copying it out with calligraphy pens.

    It has been a day so full of activity, I have not gotten to reply to your message, though I will – either electronically or in the great place with our Lord. As always, my hope is that we end up there before I hit the SEND button.

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  2. Love the simplicity of words, capturing our blog-writing on a web of inter connections, which is quite astounding, sometimes even powerful, when you stop to think about it.
    Well done, well scribed 👍

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