An early morning stroll along the river’s edge, as the rising sun is shimmering through the trees on the opposite bank. Sunlight glisten-glancing off river’s rippling movement, appearance of diamonds bobbing in the current. It hearkened my thoughts to this – and peace. -g.w.

Flowing diamonds the rivers surface

early morning sunlight shimmers

Homeric current delivering to God’s throne 

jewels of many kind


Decorators for the new salem

city of God

come down from heaven

dwelling place of God


now with mankind

All is well within

heart and soul

Spirit abides


pride abates

All is in harmony as

the Prince of Peace reigns

over all


Rev. 21.2

Isaiah 9.6-7


Another Time-Another Location


Legend has it that a Loch Ness-type thing can sometimes be seen to surface ‘my’ river during the dark of the moon. I can’t tell you who told this legend to me. That may be adding injury too close to a lie. Not exactly, but — ummm — maybe a little bit.

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the flesh – Solomon

6 thoughts on “Diamonds”

  1. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful poem.
    I have seen these little diamonds on the colour-filled bouganvilla outside my room – and its beauty, for a moment, takes my breath away.
    Lovely writing !

    Liked by 1 person


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