Necessity’s Sake


Some truths are harsh to hear

and harder to take,

but must be proclaimed 

for necessity’s sake. -g.w

This immutable truth below, penned in 1878 by J.C Ryle, is truer today than when he first said it. Certainly it is more rampantly spread and accepted by the social engineers with an agenda of making liars of all who say there is no hell, by creating one here on earth in the guise of promoting a perfect culture, perfect world, by the forced imposition of their desires.            


There is a school of theology rising up in this day, which appears to me most eminently calculated . . .
to promote infidelity,
to help the devil,
and to ruin souls!
It comes to us like Joab to Amasa–with the highest professions of love and liberality. (2 Samuel 20:9-10)

God is all mercy and love!” according to this theology.
God’s holiness and justice are completely left out of sight!
Hell is never spoken of in this theology–its talk is all of Heaven!
Damnation is never mentioned–it is treated as an impossible thing.
All men and women are to be saved!

“Everybody is right! Nobody is wrong! Nobody is to blame for any action he may commit! It is the result of his circumstances! He is not accountable for his views, any more than for the color of his skin! He must be what he is! God is so entirely a God of mercy and love–that He never does, and never will punish sin.”

Of all this theology I warn men solemnly to beware. In spite of big swelling words about “liberality and love,” and “broad views,” and “new light,” and “freedom from bigotry,” and so forth–I do believe it to be a theology that leads to Hell!

Imagine a Heaven which would contain all mankind! Imagine a Heaven in which holy and unholy, pure and impure, good and evil–would be all gathered together in one confused mass!

Surely the mind revolts from the idea of a Heaven in which there would be no distinction . . .
between the righteous and the wicked,
between Pharaoh and Moses,
between Abraham and the Sodomites,
between Paul and Nero,
between the loving John and Judas Iscariot!
Surely an eternity in such a miserably confused crowd, would be worse than annihilation itself! Surely, such a Heaven would be no better than Hell!

(J.C Ryle, “Heirs of God” 1878)

If you can, try to imagine earth with all it’s existing evils, stealing its way into heaven, without change. If you can imagine that, then certainly you must be able to accept that there surely must be a hell. Even if you don’t accept the words of the Bible and the teachings of Christ.

17 thoughts on “Necessity’s Sake”

  1. There truely is a jostling in line to make people feel good and be important under a terribly misrepresented god banner. More of us should rain on that parade because God will someday certainly Reign on it out of necessity. I sense you are past the rain on the parade G.W. …you have graduated to bottle rockets my friend (out of necessity). Keep writing the truth!

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    1. God’s truth is surely more important than feeling good. The Lord, and the Apostles after Him, warned us here, downstream in time, that these lies would try to confuse and disrupt Christ’s disciples of our times. Starting even earlier.
      We have buckets of trouble aimed our way and I’m not willing to dance with the enemy to his tune.
      The truth has already been written. I only need continue to endorse it. The alternative of saying nothing is repugnant to me.
      St. Augustine said we don’t need to defend a lion, but just let it out of its cage. I plan on continuing to endorse the Truth by using words where rain isn’t effective. Just this one short article cost me some false “fans.” I guess if I don’t offend the devil, I’m not being effective in confirming the truth.
      “bottle rockets,” I like that my friend. 😊

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  2. And this post is timely in light of stuff I keep seeing lately about “pride month.” What?! Pride? A whole month dedicated to it, no less? People are proud of being prideful? This makes no sense to me. Humility is far more becoming to a person than is pride. I am ashamed of my imperfections, my foolishness, my sinfulness. Yuck.

    And isn’t pride the very thing that caused Lucifer to be cast out of heaven?

    And so, the prideful won’t be mingling with the saints for eternity. Sad for them, but, as I always point out, so easily remedied by faith in Christ. Leaning on Him to lead us home, rather than upon our own understanding.

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    1. “Pride month” is referring to “Gay Pride,” the political agenda. Which makes everything you said in your comment still apply perfectly. 😊 But there is much more going on to disrupt and destroy God’s Truth by some blogs right here on wp that I see. False teaching is rampant, which is an offense to all decency in Christ. Also undermining the decency of the culture. 😕

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      1. Yes. It is a political agenda, but most people are adamant it isn’t. There’s even a book about it, written by ones who make no secret of it being an agenda, called After The Ball.

        And yes, false teaching under the guise of Biblical Christianity is indeed rampant, from the Benny Hinns and the Kenneth Copelands of the world to the Roman Catholic institution. If Satan can’t get us from the outside, he’ll do what he can to try to imitate Christ and pull souls down from within that which uses Christianese.

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        1. All you said is exactly correct!
          It’s also taking down nations from within. The warfare from within is endeavoring to destroy our own government. Satan has made no secret of wanting the entire world. This takes much prayer and fasting to engage this kind of spiritual warfare.

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  3. No big deal. I got to use my own error as an example of things of which to not be proud, in a lighthearted way, as it fit, but too much other pride out there is of things that can affect one’s eternal destiny.

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    1. Yes the eternal is more serious, where a typo is gracefully humbling. But I fixed it for you anyway. Site admins have the only comment edit button. I’m site admin on this site. 😊

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      1. Thank you! Now that you mention it, I do recall having seen an option to edit comments somewhere in my admin panel, but I wasn’t sure if it could be used on anyone’s comments but my own. Oh, my! WordPress must be so trusting of its users to give us authority to edit comments. In the wrong hands, that power could be disastrous.

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