The Benign Avenger

Vengeance can be yours saith the Lord. If…

If you would desire to wreak vengeance on an enemy, pray the Lord of the harvest for the saving of his soul.

Request of the Father to draw that one to Jesus, changing his heart from hardened pride to soft, pliable. Teachable of the Savior.

In doing this you will witness puffed pride brought to his knees in humbled humility. At the same time you will have saved his life, rather than destroying it.

To see this hate-filled heart turned to love, that which he most ridiculed? To see an egomaniacal, hardened pride humbled to his knees? To see a self-hating, self-destroying soul bent on self-annihilation, brought to life eternal?

That is some potent vengeance!

G.W. thinks so, too.

4 thoughts on “The Benign Avenger”

  1. For many an angry soul who has done me wrong have I had to remind myself to pray. Maybe I would be the only one praying for them. Maybe they will be a dear friend in eternity someday. Beauty for ashes!

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