Fixed Boundaries Two

Boundaries One has yet to be released. It may never be unleashed.  I am fickle that way  about words that give me fits, refuse to be fixed because they are fickle that way.



God in His mercy made

Fixed the forces of Hell.

That misery might be stayed,

God in His mercy made

Eternal bounds and bade

Its waves no further swell.

God in His mercy made

Fixed the forces of Hell.


May it be so. Even as mankind, individually/collectively, bring about evil of selves own making, others forsaking. Wrapping themselves around and about, abound with never ending saturation in deepening profanity of their own vanity.

The forces of Hell inflame, exacerbate, add, magnify, intensify the manifold misery; resultant of insatiable lusts. Counterfeit treasures and empty promises never to be satisfied. 

God says, “This far and no further. You may not take the persons life. Life is mine to give, and mine to take – by My Sovereign decree. Relent, therefore, ye Evil, ye death, ye bane of their existence – sole objects of your jealous envy and ruinous pride.”

  • G.W.




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