Morning’s Sun will Rise as Usual


Let’s talk about something in the bible. Let’s talk a little about how God communicated what He was going to be doing. We call it “prophecy.” God called it “watch and learn.” Not only “watch and learn,” but more like, “Watch and learn what I Am going to do and know that I AM God and mean what I say when I say I AM going to do it.” But man, being man, shortens God’s monumental into one word. Prophecy.

I’m not introducing a long study on prophecy. I only want to bring up one point. Even though there are X number prophecies in the Old and New Testaments that have been fulfilled, with only one outstanding prophecy in the New Testament yet to be fulfilled.

The lone thing I want to bring up here is: How do we know? How do we know God spoke and not man telling a story for say, entertainment? (there were many of those, too. They were apprehended and stoned unto demise. Proving to be a dangerous ‘look-at-me-moment’ for any comedian to pursue).

So, I just want to look at ONE example from the OT. (I said I wouldn’t take up all your time.)

Let’s blow the dust off that old scroll of Isaiah and look at Isaiah chapter eight, verse one. That single verse. Why that verse when it’s only introducing a prophecy? Because introduction makes all the difference. I even threw in some NT to take up more time. Just kidding. It’s crucial by way of confirmation.

Ok, let’s take a look:

“Moreover the LORD said unto me, ‘Take thee a great scroll, and write in it with a man’s pen concerning Mahershalalhashbaz.’ (Isaiah 8:1 KJV)

If that isn’t a clear implication of God’s meaning: As the pen was an instrument in the prophet’s hand, Isaiah was an instrument of instruction in God’s hand. If that’s not clear, then God didn’t make little green apples, and it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.

The Apostle Peter made it even clearer, when in his second letter to us he says:

“Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. 21 For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” 2 Peter 1:20-21 (NIV)

Do you see? Peter’s words are affirming, succinct, and imbued with the power of the Spirit.

God does great staging when it comes to prophetic names. Even as a nickname this would be a tough one to cover with your hat. Mahershalalhashbaz. It was the symbolic name God gave to one of Isaiah’s sons concerning a God-given prophecy. And God didn’t even have anything against that poor kid. So, you see? That’s proof God has a sense of humor. A gigantic, humongous sense of humor! I got laughed at when I just tried to pronounce it. I even laughed at myself trying to pronounce it. If a preacher can’t even pronounce a name concerning prophecy nowadays, how is he going to be taken seriously. I must say…Isaiah had nerves of steel. He certainly had a Source of strength outside himself. That’s the only explanation that works for me.

This is only a drop-in-the-ocean-example of prophecy as God’s communication. So to possibly spark your  interest in prophecy. If it has been dormant. Otherwise I don’t know why I wrote this, except that I do love that verse. For a reason. Which I just imparted.

It is worthy to note, also that Bible prophecies are crucial to the veracity of the Bible. According to J. Barton Payne’s Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy there are 1,239 in the OT and 578 prophecies in the NT for a total of 1,817. Which, if counted verse by verse, encompasses 8,352 verses.

( )

All prophecies have been fulfilled except one that remains outstanding. But of course you know which one that is.

Don’t believe it? (hehe) ‘Take thee a great scroll, and write in it with a man’s pen concerning: prophecies fulfilled

That’s your homework. Don’t take my word for it. Or anyone else’s. Do your own investigation/bible excavation. You won’t regret it.

And if you don’t dig on your own? The morning sun will rise as usual. But if you do, it will appear clearer, more radiant, more personal.

  • G.W.


10 thoughts on “Morning’s Sun will Rise as Usual”

  1. “That’s your homework. Don’t take my word for it. Or anyone else’s. Do your own investigation/bible excavation. You won’t regret it.”

    That right there is something all writers and teachers should be willing to say.

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    1. Many Christians seem to think it’s not the most exciting thing to study, They would rather discuss only the more exciting prophecy of Revelation that can capture the imagination. But it all ties together. And the more informational understanding we gain, the more assurance of security we recognize in our relationship with the Lord, Himself.

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  2. PS: Oh, and by the way, G. “Mahershalalhashbaz” W., I read Lamentations last night. I need to dig into the details on it. Will see what Matthew Henry had to say, and am curious if I can find something by Jon Courson on it. He has a lot of interesting digs into Scripture recorded. I could listen to some on earbuds while decluttering.

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    1. That’s a very good plan! But remember Jesus. He is our Master. Our main Teacher. As you mull over what you’re reading ask Him questions on specifics, You may be surprised on the number of occasions understanding will just come to you as an answered question. His presence is always with us in all we do. And He’s reading over our shoulder while we’re reading scripture. Or listening to it as it is read.

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  3. Oh the power of God’s Word. Living, breathing, active, piercing and poking at the extra things in our soul. Oh ya, we see tyhe sun differently! We begin to understand beyond our own understanding.

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