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Another thought:

In the last sentence the Apostle Paul prompts us, “Therefore, encourage one another with these words.” In what way do you take encouragement from these words? Anybody you can encourage with this same reminder?

In the same way, we can take encouragement from being reminded that the Lord is present with us in real time now and daily. Do you practice the presence of God in your daily life?

13 thoughts on “Amazed”

  1. “Therefore encourage one another with these words.”

    Every time I say “Maranatha!” it’s me reminding myself and whoever else is listening that the Lord is coming back for us who wait for Him, and may it happen SOON!!!

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  2. I’ll admit it. The more I think I may be ready for the trumpet, I realize just how not ready I am. Then it will be so fast it will skip the rush stage for this adrenaline junky. I truly strive to practice the presence of God in my daily life when I’m sure I really seem attention deficit (especially to any guardian angels that might exist on Gary duty). You have captured the urgency for everyone– everywhere to Know God G.W.

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    I love articles that make you go “hmmmm,” and make you think and maybe even make you go “WOW!” To me, this is one of those rare gems. From a brother who SAYS he’s a retired minister, yet we all know you NEVER retire from what God has called you to do, you only walk a different avenue to fulfill His calling in your life! Please, visit Brother G.W.’s site for he truly does have some great and inspiring insights!!

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