Light Flows

Light flows, as it spreads it stimulates to an exuberance of activity.

Gladdening all it touches across the earth, bringing life.

Not being limited by space and time, it reaches throughout creation

into the farthest frontiers of the cosmos.

It shines on us directly.

Desiring to give more than trifling abundance,

It turns and winks at us from above

As it moves among all aggregate coexistence of this vast universe.


Morning light has the soft touch of miracle.

It greets each of us in a personal way,

Whispering our name in a warm salute,

Touching our eyes with the kindest of wishes.

Good morning, it says, and a very blessed day to you.


~Reflections on “Light Flows”

The expressive beauty of light gives us an assurance of this attribute being a soft thing of God. Light, not harsh but a soft, piercing and all-inclusive illuminating revelation to His loving watch-care over us. Guiding us, leading us, protecting us as He whispers His sweet love to our spirit within, where He meets with us personally. Light. One of the soft things of God we are impelled to include when hearkening to God’s goodness.

A reassuring and magical light.”A sure light. The Light of the world. The Light reveals darkness by contrasting it. Illumination. Elucidation. Revelation. Clarification. Comprehension. Inspiration.

Uncovering darkness and revealing hidden secrets of an unfamiliar world within. Things foreign to light by contrast. A world of malignity. Iniquity. Impurity. Villainy. Degeneracy. Immorality. Depravity. Mortality, death and gloom.

His name is Jesus and He is come into the world, “The Light and Life of all mankind.”

  • G.W.

“I want a personal God who loves us all in a way that goes beyond words.  A God who fills with a sort of reassuring and magical light.  A God who is the very expression of love so perfect that to feel all of it at once would be to lose yourself in a place of sublime happiness” (P212. Magnificent Obsession) David Robertson – Wee Flea blog

“For in Christ he offers all happiness in place of our misery, all wealth in place of our neediness; in him he opens to us the heavenly treasures that our whole faith may contemplate his beloved Son, our whole expectation depend upon him, and our whole hope cleave to and rest in him”.  (John Calvin – Institutes of the Christian Religion)

“The Light Shines in the Darkness but the darkness has not understood it.” John 1:5

8 thoughts on “Light Flows”

  1. You have made “Light, as a soft thing of God” as an almost all-embracing gift of His love, whether it be Jesus the Light and Life of the world, or the quantum physics of light, both of which we cannot truly exist. So well done.

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