Images True or False

An entry from my journal.

“Due to so many mainline churches of today increasingly becoming more prone to apostasy and heresy in their desire to be “relevant” in a changing society; I find it increasingly more fruitful to re-discover the words of mighty stalwarts from our Christian past.  -g.w.”


“Some people have no sense of the vileness of their sin, and no sense of God’s infinite and holy opposition to it. They think that God has no higher standards than they have. So they get on well with Him and feel a sort of love for Him–but they are loving an imaginary God, not the real God!

There are others whose self-love produces a sort of love for God simply because of the material blessings they have received from His providence. There is nothing commendable in this either.

Self-love can produce a merely natural gratitude to God. This can happen through wrong ideas about God, as if He were all love and mercy, and no avenging justice; or as if God were bound to love a person because of the person’s worthiness. On these grounds (people) may love a God of their own wishful imaginings, when they have no love at all for the true God.” 

Jonathan Edwards –- 1703 – 1758

I was recently reading a classics author who got onto the subject of love versus sensual love. By that term I reckoned he was referring to what is now known as “casual sex.” He said, “It ceases to be a devil when it ceases to be a god.”

It made me pause reading and ponder over that single statement for a time. That is a very pithy observation in my estimation, for can we not say the same for all devils that lead us toward self-destruction by the promise of ecstasy? Whether sensual pleasures, riches, power, revenge – you know – the usual suspects that want our worship as gods.

I sincerely doubt there are any within my reading purview who have not been hurt, or may even now be experiencing pain, because of finding that the god they pursued was revealed to be a devil in the end. ~It ceases to be a devil when it ceases to be a god~ But of course, by that time there is pain to be healed. Thank Almighty God for Christ Jesus. The Healer of the wounded heart – and Surgeon for all of our wounds. Physical and spiritual…if we will only let Him.  -G.W.

Why I love the Christian Classics – where are the mighty men of yesteryear this year?

“Moses said to God, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?”

God said to Moses,I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I Am has sent me to you.’”   Exodus 3:13-14 [ The Hebrew for I Am sounds like LORD in the English.]

9 thoughts on “Images True or False”

  1. Very profound, thanks ! I can imagine what God thinks about churches that are trying desperately to conform to the world’s standards. I attended one recently. When the minister announced the upcoming marriage of two women the next upcoming weekend, I fled the church, never to return. This church was originally built to hold 1,200 people. From my spot in the rear pew, I counted 31 worshippers there. God notices this,I’m sure.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m quite sure God does notice. We are called to be witnesses also, even if silent witnesses. Only 31 attendees with 1200 capacity sounds like you had much company who fled before you arrived. God had many witnesses. Good for you!

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  2. A good journal entry G.W.
    I should read more classics.
    I remember as a young man asking God to be a better god so I could trust Him. Circumstantial love for a god who didn’t exist. Many seasons and hundreds of miles on life’s river later I have come to know, trust and yes Love the God who is there. Always. There in the storms and in the abundance. There as I grow older and weaker yet stronger than ever. OK, you wound me up and got me going but I’ll quit now.

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    1. Wow Gary. I hope you can keep that memory with the same humor I got from it. Asking God to be a better god so you could trust Him hit me just where I needed to laugh the most. And I truly thank you for that, my friend.
      But that doesn’t even compare to the things I said to Him when I was young and too stupid to be alive, even. He knew. He knew He would bring us along to where He was taking us, the depth of our love for Him would become. And keep growing towards Him. More blessings, my friend.

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        1. Not to worry my friend. We can beat ourselves up for many things from our past. But if brought before the Lord those things, His response is, “Huh? What? What sin?” Jesus is His name, and forgiveness for His own is His aim.

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