The Whole Story

Here is the full story of life. I have much more to tell, but pieces in variety of form. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Here is the whole elephant in four minutes. The story of life. Take five. An extra one to let it soak in. And then? Let it marinate through your being the rest of the day. Then – who knows? You may hear His voice! Not in your ear – but deep, deep in the center of your Ipseity. Do you like that word – ipseity? It’s who you are. Look it up. Be back later to say more. -g.w.

God sent His Son to His own to free the many from their sin set.

The many sent Him back to God as a sin offering to be free from their debt.

The Savior willingly took our rightful place becoming our sin surrogate.

On the third day God raised His Son saying, “I do so accept.”

(1 Corinthians 15:12-20)

5 thoughts on “The Whole Story”

  1. Well done friend, I’m going to marinate on this for awhile, then loiter on the screen porch in the morning with thoughts on this…especially since I’m not sure the ipseity of me is not in a construction zone still. Love that word. an identity word, especially since Christ has done some very intense work there. I think the orange cones are still there.

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    1. Yes, my friend. It’s fairly clear to me Ipseity is the construction zone of our inner being concerning our sanctification process. Ipseity being a Latin word which describes our individual personality, our very selfhood. Which would embody our soul and spirit. Great catch focusing on that word. It’s a dynamic word to describe the inner being of our souls. That, we know, will be in refinement phase til our last breath, as I see it. Thank you for a great discussion on this!

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