There are, and will be, many muddy roads to be navigated between birth and 70-80, or a little beyond. Choices. Attitude of mind, habits of thinking can make or break our choice of perspective. It’s not only about survival. How we survive is of preeminent consideration.


“I am a survivor.”

Yes. Yes, you are.

Being alive amongst living humanity gives you ample reason to claim the title.

Life is never easy on this island, Earth.

The most privileged among the privileged have travails which must be endured –

and overcome.

If not overcome, accepted and endured to move on

and become “a survivor.”


You are special.

This is truth.

Not that you merely survive.

Go deeper.

Look away.

Lift your eyes to the hills.

Away is where you will find the Deep.

Deep calls to deep.

The very locus of how very special you truly are.


Psalm 42:7

The Lord can fit our storms into a tea-cup through the peace of our faith in Him.


12 thoughts on “Survivor”

  1. When I measure the waves and storms that wash over me, they are huge. When I give God the measuring stick, they become so much smaller (less than a tea cup you say?). I’m afraid without asking for Gods help I am a poor survivor. Why God has focused on us when we look up and call on Him is beyond me. Love the word Locus G.W. Gods perspective about me has changed my life perspective greatly.

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  2. Amen! We were made to thrive! But we are our own worst enemies. We engage in negative self-chatter. Satan whispers lies in our ears and we believe him over the King of kings and Lord of lords. We are children of God! Co-heirs with Christ! Made in the image of God! Of infinite value to God!

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  3. Why should He love us so, except to prove His presence, love, and care for us, making us light in a dark world? It is His Spirit, the life of Christ in us, from age one to whenever with transition through death’s veil to eternal glory with Him. Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Blessings. 🙂

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