Songbird in Flight

It happened as he described. This now wise, aged old bird. A song from his youth. A song sung many times over a long life.


Rainy Saturday morning

With sun shining bright

I came winging in

With no place to alight


I felt the wind, and free

Like a songbird in flight

Tree tops below, raindrops above

Sunshine aglow, midnight so right


Iliad’s rosey fingered dawn

Shifted attending scene of highlight

Drawing my eyes from their target

Rhapsodizing with shimmering moonlight


Impetuous scene, mesmerizing scent

Dazzlingly dangerous to be occupied

With anything but focus of focused intent,

To survive with fullness of unmangled life


Fear was new, fear was near

Neither above nor below

She was in my breast beating severe

In my wingtips striving for control


Grasping talons strain to touch target’s surface

Rounded surface slippery surface greedy surface

Not willing to surrender any surface

Most willing to cause my demise surface


I pull my wings gather air, not too much

I dip then slip just for some touch

One talon snag then the rest

Life saving landing because I’m the best


I sing to the morning my evening glow

To the world above to the world below

I sing of my greatest life thrill conquest

Survival victory first life flight contest


In my song I sing this story, the other song of His glory

In my fear I felt His breath in my wings to fill and lift

In panic I felt His touch so sure, my talon to secure sure haven

My heart I know, will always know His eye is on the sparrow.

My song I sing, long have sung my Creator’s life touch, my Savior.

  • G.W.
  • “But as for me, my feet almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold.” Psalm 73:2
  • Luke 12:6  Matt. 10:29-31