Etiquette Flub 101

Faux Pas:  ~mistaking a foe for a fox and hoping for a pass (grace). For more chuckles see ~Social Blunders, past and present. Also, synonyms that rhyme with ‘riot in a teacup.’ Or: “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away.”


Life lesson learned for this or any day

When entangled in a faux pas, silence your say.

Attempted apologies/explanations to stay


surely will worsen it all anyway.

You know a firestorm is coming astray

Remove yourself and get out of the way.


Queen of Hearts ordered, “Off with the head!”

To be sure, there was nothing more to be said.


Go ask Alice when she was very small,

Queen of Hearts ten meters tall.

Life lesson well learned, as I recall.


(Proven true again and again,

and sure to see more to my chagrin).

Ain’t life funny? Meaning peculiar, not Ha Ha.

When does it end? At the final hurrah!



A gentle answer turns aside wrath ~prov. 15.1






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