Speak I Must


Speak I must, to the profession of love and trust

Myriad folk blog many a how-to and whereof

So many, they blog about their love

Sugary-sweet and full with fluff.

But love is not about that stuff,

Not to sound too gruff.


Love is patient, (not just sentient – but never indifferent even when silent)

Love is kind enough, (even when it binds and stuff)

Love knows no envy, (it won’t say gimme)

Love will not boast, (bragging is just gross )

Love is not proud, (not puffed up or loud)

Love is not rude, (giving much latitude)

Love is not me-first, (love has no thirst for first – unless it’s first to a hearse it could be accursed)

Love does not use anger, (much anger is a strangler)


Love keeps no list of wrongs, (recorded wrong does not mean strong)

Love loves no evil, (Love covenants not with the devil)

Love does love Truthfulness, (and Truth is not ruthlessness)

Love protects, (and never neglects)


Love trusts when in doubt, (evil’s thrusts it will flout)

Love always hopes, (even when on the ropes)

Love perseveres, (fiercely it adheres in all atmospheres)

Love never fails, (even to the end it prevails).


I know Love.

His name is Jesus.

He teaches about love

By being all the above,

Even the sugary

But not the fluff.


For more details about love read Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. Christ’s love is forever love.

My particular referenced usage is from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, as but a sampling.




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