Earthbound Cage


It really isn’t my plan to post everyday. But occasionally when I plan on taking time off I’m given another assignment that seems pivotal at the time I receive it.

I would very much like to pass along a message from my longtime mentor, Chuck Swindoll. I believe it is for such a time as this being pithy, timely, and with depth of spiritual wisdom in our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. ~g.w

[Esther 5:5-7]

Since we are trapped in this earthbound cage, this little space where light is often diffused and God is sometimes silent, how can we be sensitive to His interventions? What do we do when we, like Job, struggle in the fog with God’s silence, when we’re convinced that His silence means absence?

Please be assured, He is not absent. He may be silent, but He’s not absent.

The fog on your lake is neither accidental nor fatal. So while swimming, listen very carefully and patiently for His voice. Some days you will be seized with panic and dog-paddle like mad. You’ll try various approaches: breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, float. But all the time, you want to be listening for His voice. I urge you to listen with great sensitivity, because His message will come in various ways.

I get nervous around some people and the way they talk about hearing God or seeing Him at work. Miracles are everyday occurrences to them. They see skywriting in the clouds, and they hear voices in the night. Hear me well, that’s not the kind of “voice” I’m talking about.

God gave you a mind. God gave you reason. God gave you a unique sensitivity; it’s built into your spiritual system, and each person’s system is tuned differently. God wants to reveal His will to you and to teach you while you are waiting. So while you are waiting, don’t start searching for spooky stuff. We walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). Get into His Word. Get on your knees. Accept counsel from those who are maturing and balanced believers, solidly biblical in their theology and in their own lives. And wait.

However, there are tangible things to connect with. Passages of Scripture that bring comfort and insight. Messages that enlighten and enliven. Certain people you respect. Tap into those, wait, and listen with a sensitive ear. Like Esther, don’t rush into big decisions. And may I be painfully direct? Don’t talk so much! Believers who are maturing not only respect God’s silence, they model it as well.

Chuck Swindoll – Commentary study from the Book of Esther

13 thoughts on “Earthbound Cage”

  1. That’s really Good, solid and yes, timely G.W.
    That being said, I was reassured yesterday (by God? His spirit bringing scripture to memory? I don’t know)
    as I thought I would be out of work with a shut-down. I was actively praying (more like whining to God) and working. I said “Lord, I’m quite nervous about not having a job again…a thought entered my mind “You should have seen Gideon when I asked him to cut his army down to 300”
    I kept whining “But I’ll run out of money Lord” ….”not until I do”
    A strange happening for me as God is silent a lot.

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    1. That is so rich Gary. So like us and so like God. And Gideon with Gods “measly 300” and what a victory!
      And God letting you know you won’t run out of money until He does. So like God!
      Remember Elijah and the widow’s oil and meal? God let her know through Elijah she would not run out of oil before the famine ended in the land, because of her faithfulness to God in providing for His prophet? Yep. We still hear of such witnesses today.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. Pastor Chuck Swindoll is a mentor of mine as well. His teachings have been used by God in my life. These words are another beautiful way God has blessed my heart.

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