Never Late

#Death – Dying

Never Late

I don’t have the answers, although I’m a patient man,

I don’t know when. I don’t see how it will happen.

I don’t have the answers.

My mind swirls slowly as it does its

methodical search through the darkened crevices,

into the light, into the shadowed corners to search

for hints of what it will be like.

When will it happen?

How? A slow slip into the nebulous night?

A long good-bye?

A quiet good night?

Will a whisper be my guide through

the movements and motions?

Or will it be very still, maybe floating?

Or maybe a sudden shock and then – what?

Speculations are useless.

Of course, there could be nothing more than.

I don’t have the answers. I have never done this before.

I have a one-time opportunity to get this right

There will be no dry run

I know it will be soon. It is always timely, never late

I should have asked David.

But our paths never crossed in time.

He left a brief note, on it written were the words,

“I go the way of all generations.”

I suppose those who don’t think about it at all

Have the greatest to lose from the fall.



Rev. 14.13

7 thoughts on “Never Late”

    1. Only one thing I’m sure, each is as personal as birth. Lose sight when memories of war recall observing 10’s and 50’s at a time, giving an illusion of impersonal. But knowing God brings back the reality of each being personal to God.

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