Shake the Dust


[During editing an OOPS! occurred. I lost most of the post. Will have to re-do.]






I wrote the following not to be unkind, but for light to shine darkness must be unveiled. This verselet could rightfully be applied to all deception, universal.

“God has already begun judging his own people. And if his judgment begins with us, imagine how terrible it will be for those who refuse to obey His message. As the Scriptures say,

18 #“If good people barely escape,
    what will happen to sinners
and to others
    who don’t respect God?”#  1 Peter 4:17-18 (CEV)

#Prov. 11:31 (see Septuagint)#

10 thoughts on “Shake the Dust”

  1. I am praying right now that all who have written to you, to me, and to all others on WordPress who have written the Truth in love — all who have responded in a spirit of unkindness, unbelief, hatred, or any other way that boils down to refusal of Jesus will know the Truth of God’s love. May they taste and see that the Lord is good.


  2. I once met with a social worker who had mobilized a small group of people just out of jail needing jobs (Work related meet). They specialized in tearing down old buildings and tried to salvage lumber and such. When I asked the social worker if they could also learn to build things with what they salvaged, his reply rang true for much of our culture. I sensed it was a spiritual reply as well “No, they only know how to tear things apart”
    Broken people breaking people. Learning from their father of lies. In the end game Truth wins and we should be about prayer for them.



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