Humility’s Prize

If it ever be so, may it be so, when it is so. And so – onward I go. I remain Your humble servant. Regenerated from within by so gentle a touch, Your goodness drawing me ever nearer. Miracle, miracle.

To be teachable, reachable; prone to receiving of, and discerning in God’s instruction.     – Humility



Though two persons reside within me,

The resolute master over this dormant malformity.

This one who would have at me,

Enslave me to dregs, darkness, despair, and drudgery.


The wretched brute. Libertine. Pariah. Knave

One to be forcibly reined and restrained.

Caged. Never allowed the light of day.


Starved. Dispossessed. Divested. Cancelled.

Stripped of all towering vigor.

Forced to refrain. Chained. Muzzled. Manacled.

Thrown down at every threat of challenge.


Until it becomes a meager wisp.

A filament. Fragment. Fog. Fraction.

Miasma dispersing into – nothingness.


Its will no more, not even a mist.

Transmutation take the time you take.

Command never falter nary a cession.

Resolve never allow nary a frist.


Seeing felicitous humility’s prize

Within the God of grace

Mercy’s crystal piercing eyes


Perceiving from conception realized

Through sojourn earth to eternal Life

Home, home the journey finalized.




“He has told you, O man, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your God?”  Micah 6:8


9 thoughts on “Humility’s Prize”

      1. It was meant as a compliment, your post was beautifully written, and really resonated with me. The “go to your head” remark was only meant as humor, recognizing the irony that in my own experience pride seeks every avenue to draw me into its snare, including praise from others, and yet it only seems right to encourage that which is good and true. I hope my lame attempt at humor didn’t cause you any grief, I really enjoy and benefit from your blog.

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        1. I took it as humor, but I haven’t discoursed with you previously. Even as I sensed you have a dry sense of humor I didn’t want to assume. I agree a pure compliment can incite pride of it’s own selfish interest, though what selfish pride can achieve from it could be only counterfeit. I’m aware that when the spirit is lifted, the flesh wants to be worshiped.
          It’s nice getting to know you, Craig and I sincerely thank you for the compliment. As for going to my head, I will keep that dog collared and in his cage. 😉

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  1. G.W., Your opening description of the heart postured in humility really resonated with me. I’ve returned to this post several times to reread your definition, I finally decided to copy it in the back of my Bible. To be “teachable, reachable; prone to receiving of, and discerning in God’s instruction” that truly is my heart’s desire. If only my pride would quit rearing its nasty head. Alas its rearing keeps me on my knees before Jesus. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much, Beth. But I can’t take credit for that word for word. You see, I copied it to the front cover of my main study bible, from the back cover of one of my students! I just passed it on, so now you can pass it along, too. Thank you for letting me know it meant much to you. Richest blessings to you!

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