Humor-chicken soup for the soul

Updated from March 29, 2020, lest we forget how much we needed a laugh.


Stay safe and laugh til your sides hurt – a little bit. We have entered the unknown zone. That ancient map uncharted territory that said, “There be sea monsters here.” No monsters – it’s only us. So lets laugh at ourselves, worlds greatest comedians.

Pandemic quarantine? Food supply shortages? NO toilet paper!

Sure! Now we can laugh about it. But we laughed in the midst of it, too.  Keep laughing. It builds up the laugh muscles! And we need those to be strong!








19 thoughts on “Humor-chicken soup for the soul”

      1. Humor is a good thing! It’s medicine to the soul.
        I am pulling out old projects on old to do lists. I converted 200 old photos, slides and negatives to digital…I think I’ll use them on the blogs as well.

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    1. Thank you, Crissy. Yes it is good to laugh. It eases tensions and reminds us God has a great sense of humor. Bless the Lord for sharing it with us. And bless your evening on your side of the world! 🤗

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