Saturday Silence



What shall be done.

All hope died yesterday.

Death appears fixed.

Jn. 19.33-34

Dolorous was their mood

As they went into hiding

That eerily silent Saturday

Between the cross and Resurrection

– Waiting. But for what?


10 thoughts on “Saturday Silence”

  1. How true G. W.! The earliest followers of Jesus Christ didn’t know (or fully understand) what they were waiting for.

    But for us, the wait is over! We know from experience what so many in the past looked forward to.

    He is risen in me!

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    1. Very true, David. He is risen in us. But I still get asked by some young believers, “Why did He have to die?”
      I appreciate your comment. Thanks!


  2. “Waiting, but for what?” Those words really struck me, GW. I was a bit surprised when I found myself answering that question, not with an Easter Sunday morning response, but with the words “For you to come again Jesus.” I guess those are words spoken by one living between the Resurrection and His Return. Lord, may I not let any sorrow or distress caused by the growing darkness of these times send me into hiding, but may I hold firm to Your promises and shine Your light boldly into this world as I wait. Amen. Happy Easter GW! He is Risen!

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    1. Happy Easter, Beth! He is risen indeed!
      A big Amen! In agreement with your prayer! I think it has been a common experience for Christians while on earth to be waiting for His return. He seems to keep that on our hearts as our constant hope for His ultimate fulfillment. In the meantime, throughout our life, we learn to trust Him by many periods of waiting for answered prayer and daily needs, which He has always fulfilled. May our waiting continue to be filled with the knowledge of His presence with us daily.

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  3. They didn’t know what they were waiting for at the time….But then the first day of the week dawned and Jesus appeared…. We wait too…one day Jesus will appear and take us home.
    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday GW. 🙏😃

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