Faith and Hope

Faith and hope are vital components of our living souls, and necessary for life.

However, describing them in my own language may resemble a blueprint of an engineering project. Biblical faith, for me, resembles an aqueduct provided by the Almighty that brings the Living Water into the City of Light.

In a dry and thirsty land without faith the lush lawn turns to sand. Drought renders crops of growing sustenance to languish in dust. Laughter turns to tears. The well of hope runs dry. You know. The normal, and not so normal, occurrences of life.

“If some of them were faithless, does it mean that God will not be faithful? No, not at all! God is always true even if every man lies. The Holy Writings say, “Speak the truth and you will not be proven guilty” Romans 3:3-4

Faith, biblical faith, flows from the Faith-Giver to us as needed. When hope falters faith flows and hope is restored, strengthened.


Do you know faith has to be exercised? Used. Opened. Drawn out. If you never recognize the need you’ll never know it. And you may die of thirst. If you thirst you’re going to need a drink of cold, clear, sweet water.

Nothing can teach us our life-sustaining need for water like a stretch in the desert. Only then can we truly know the difference between sand and water. Spiritually speaking, Living Water is better when we know our need of Him, and without it life will wither. Dry up. Plump grapes become dry raisons. Faith in our Savior is like that. Like a flat spare tire, a flat faith untested won’t make itself known until it’s desperately needed to move on.

Like a banquet in a land of drought, nothing can feed hope like a flourishing, living Faith well exercised. We exercise our faith each time we believe God when we call to Him, and He again delivers us with His unmerited favor toward “we of little faith.” The more we experience HIS faithfulness, the more our faith in HIM will grow.

If one has the River of Life, Faith unto Life and the Author of life, Christ Jesus, the river will not run dry. It may feel empty at times, but the roots go deep into the depths of our soul where the reservoir of life is replenished by Almighty God, our Savior, Christ Jesus. Read Hebrews 11:1-– again. Then take a slow stroll through the remainder of the chapter. Faith feeding hope leading folks to an unbreakable resolve, regardless of situation. Even so, It matters greatly Who supplies the faith and Who is the object of our hope.


Our Father,

Thank you for all that You are and all You make available to Your people. Thank You that many times before we even call, you will answer and hear the thoughts in the center of our souls. We only ask that You keep that place for Yourself within us. Thank You for Your great faithfulness in our best interest, and thank You for Your great interest in each of us. At this time, our Father, we thank You that in all ways You call us, You also supply for us all that You call us to. For example, today referring to faith and hope. You are joyful to provide this before we ask and overjoyed when we come to You and ask when in need of anything. Thank You in Your name, Lord Jesus our Savior. Amen.

“Come, all you who are thirsty,

come to the waters;

and you without money,

come, buy, and eat!

Come, buy wine and milk

without money and without cost!

2Why spend money on that which is not bread,

and your labor on that which does not satisfy?

Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good,

and your soul will delight in the richest of foods.

Isaiah 55:1-2 (Yes, He said it better in the original than my feeble attempt).

The only effective and living Hope we have in the deepening darkness gathering is Jesus Christ, our Savior. Therefore, let us turn our eyes upon Jesus and His great faithfulness for all who believe!

4 thoughts on “Faith and Hope”

  1. The Lord explained it to me like working on a car, the Bible is our technical manual. We read it and by faith we do as it says. We go by the manual for everything it says in hopes that when we turn the key the vehicle cranks with no issues. And hope makes us not ashamed.

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