Dark Night of the Soul

I share this letter from a fellow Christian who is suffering. To all Christians worldwide. That we may listen and hear and learn and pray.

Samaritan's Song

I lost my ever-loving mind at God tonight*. 

I have been doing an admirable job of not losing it prior to now. Even as my mother’s condition worsens, I have been doing all the things a good Christian and a sorrowing Christian ought to do. I pray often; I dive into Scripture; I surround myself with what is good and true and beautiful; I try to take care of myself as best I can.

But it is hard. My father-in-law—who is not a believer as far as I am aware—commented, about my mother’s condition, “It’s a shame to see something like this happen to a decent person, when some buttholes just live forever.” And that, bluntly put, is the size of it.

My mother, beloved of so many and a devoted follower of Christ, is suffering tremendously. She is so sick that at times she cannot pray. Relief sometimes comes…

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7 thoughts on “Dark Night of the Soul”

  1. Wow! I could feel this, in part because it was so beautifully written, and in part because I’ve been in a similar place before. Also, I am glad to know of this precious family, so I can send up prayers for them. Thank you so much for sharing, G.W!

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      1. I’ve found myself struggling more with subsequent experiences … the first one? Okay, life is hard; God is here. The second … well, okay, we’ll do this again. But more? Isn’t this enough, God?! Haven’t I proved I love You enough already? That’s where I’ve struggled.

        It was good for me to read 🙂 .

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        1. Yes, I understand how those thoughts can accumulate. You are aware you have a long haul ahead of you. If it should develop into a Dark Night of the Soul for you, remember everything you now know. Plus, know it has a finite existence and you will come through it. Jesus will still be with you every step. The first time I experienced it I had nobody to guide me who understood. Not many Christians experience this “Dark Night of the Soul” I later discovered.
          Where you are now in no way means you will experience it, but if you do you will experience His voice with a depth unknown before. And a strength of determination and power to continue all while feeling a sensation of sinking in failure. Ignore those feelings as you push on.

          I found a Christian classic by a monk who wrote of his experience which helped me. It is titled: “The Dark Night of the Soul” by St. John of the Cross. You may be able to find a copy in PDF online in a search.

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