A Tortoise

“If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?”

Daily prompt – 1861

I would like to be a turtle. I would slowly waddle off the beaten path, into the weeds, withdraw into my shell, and take a day off from the world. The world is fine, it is cool. But some days the traffic on the tarmac road I need to cross is too heavy, and speeding too fast for moseying to the other side, even at my speediest waddle. – GW Turtle

[Note Three Days Later: Thinking this would be a quick post, considering it was a shoot-from-the-hip, momentary mood response. I thought it would be posted someplace other than my blog site since it was a wp prompt. I never expected to receive any likes, let alone comments. I, therefore, intended to delete it after one day when I found it on (surprise) my home blog site. However, for the sake of the kind (very kind) responses, I am leaving it as a permanent post.]

8 thoughts on “A Tortoise”

    1. Oh, I like that, Beth! I once was a “jaunty dude,” now a jaunty eastern box turtle after the Lord got hold of me! That put a smile on my face! I think I’ll buy a derby hat for the occasion. 🤗

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