Don’t Worry

Don’t Worry…

Daily writing prompt

“You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?”

You didn’t give me enough information. For instance:

  • What country am I crossing?
  • What season of the year is it?
  • What’s my purpose in going?
  • What is my financial status in planning?
  • What is the quality of my health?
  • Is anybody accompanying me?
  • Is it for business, pleasure, sight-seeing, or relocation?
  • What is the time window allotted for the trip?
  • Am I going of my free will, or am I being pressured?
  • Will I like the destination when I arrive?

Forget it — too many decisions for me to make on such short notice. I’m cancelling the trip. I like it just fine where I am.

50 thoughts on “Don’t Worry”

        1. I ought to disable it, but — sometimes I toy with the writing prompt happiness engineers. Occasionally I like a break from life’s wearisome thunderstorms. 😊

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