So, when many have the corner on the truth and are more intelligent than anyone in the room.

Even if the same has grown jaded and keeps repeating themselves.

It seems reasonable to return to her first love and converse with Him only.

Where the fruit is sweet, the conversation rhythmic and dynamic.

A place where words are clearly understood,

and an atmosphere of dissonance is not the only air to breathe.

Ah, Weblog, the once vibrant youthful geyser of information and communication.

Alas, poor Weblog, I knew you when.

Now she scans the horizon while knowing from where the best must undoubtedly come,

Doubting He will be using this traveling road.

Too many signposts read Dead End;

Many walkers sigh as they pass by.

Many drive-throughs looking askance, abjuring Weblog’s

Cluster of fluid groups and continuous loops.

The adage “Familiarity breeds contempt” comes to mind often in blogging. If not contempt, at least yawns of ho-hum. Familiar doesn’t sparkle, its merely familiar.

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