Night Crier

 Awaken Beating Heart


Their burden of darkness

not wanting to bear

 that insinuated Light

may shine through the gloom


perchance some ear might pause

a soul treading it’s way to perdition

(not some light expedition)

attention varied and sparse


 whispered word faint but loud

not willing some found to be loss

a whisper neither whim nor farce

to awaken piqued interest professed


save the seed lest it be consumed

save the shoot lest it be burnt

save the many the field is immense

save and rescue though we be few


redeem, the Master beckons to call

save for the last is

not in the kraal.



Matt. 4.18-20

Matt. 9. 37

Matt. 13. 3-9

John 10. 1-10

7 thoughts on “Night Crier”

  1. I had to look up the word “kraal” as I had never heard it before.

    Sadly, yes, it seems that we be few, far fewer than one might expect given the amount of people who claim to be Christians.

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    1. Oddly enough, the South African word “kraal” is the only word I could think of to fit in that particular place. But I liked it. Maybe I should start writing a small piece explaining a bit about each poem. It might add some interest. Or make it less cryptic. On the other hand it may be defeating the purpose if I feel I have to do that. Poetry is supposed to give freedom for personal interpretation. And again, maybe I just think too much.

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      1. Maybe you could write a small piece on the thought process behind the poem now and then, but only if it feels like it flows easily for you. Keep the blogging process joyful for the writer and the right readers will appreciate it. If I were to feel obligated to post something to which I committed, I think I’d lose the joy of letting the words flow. I like your blog posts and all their variations.

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  2. For me, this fits: I just read (this morning before heading to an 11 hour work day) the 5 loaves and 2 fishes feeding 5000. I just prayed “Here I am Lord, a little lost but available and my stuff is yours as well”
    Thanks for putting your words out there G.W.

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    1. I’m glad this resonated with you, Gary, my friend. You’re a great encouragement always to me, my friend. As for your offering your service to the Lord, I’m pretty sure you’re already serving Him, and serving Him very well, my friend! 🙂

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