Keeper Posts

This file is my “Keeper Posts” page. This is where I connect the best of the best blog posts I read that would interest any reader, whatever their background involves. It’s the highest honor my blog can pay any blogger or writer.

This Page Created: Jan 2020 — ongoing. A varied mix of subjects. A few authored by me, others authored by better writers than me. Each title leads to the writer’s subject page. The first title is the latest title added.


Quality and Quantity — Ken Riddles

Desires Reversed – Renee @ Heart Tokens

One – because there is only One

For further study – Mystery

The Cup of Sorrow and Feast of Joy – Samaritan’s Song

A Look at Jesus’ View of the Scriptures – Apologetics

What’s In a Name — Kendra

Literally the Air I Breathe – Ame

Today — Wrestlingwordblog (8/7/22)

Peace in the Valley

The Salvage Man Cometh

When Why is the Question

Maps and Booby-Traps

Arc of the Poem

Heart Matters

Importance of Jesus Ascension

Speak I Must

Significance Rome Paul’s Day 


Beach House – Reflections from an Open Window ( [July 28, 2021]

Body, Soul, Spirit

Our Source of Joy When We Face Suffering/Veritas Domain 


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