Anointing with Oil Sand not Soil

Thinking has been coming filtered through a stone wall, and I think it’s time for a break. I have watched the oil slowly empty from the vessel streaming into arid sand-driven land, disappearing from sight.

Went into the storehouse to collect a bushel of words to upload, the baskets were empty.

The inkwell is dry, the mouse is caged, and the blank screen is not sending invitations.

The train arrives on time, but the platform is empty of boarders.

The track is long, words are short, overdue for a scrivener’s vacation.

And God whispered, come away with me and rest for a time.

Proverbs 3:24

11 thoughts on “Anointing with Oil Sand not Soil”

  1. I will miss you GW but I’m glad you are choosing to take a rest rather than pushing through. You are following the example Jesus set. I hope this snippet from Cowman’s “Streams in a Desert” resonates. ” ‘I will be the dew to Israel-Hosea- 14:5 . . .The dew is a source of freshness… Quietness and stillness bring the dew. At night when the leaves and grass are still, the plants’ pores are open to receive the refreshing and invigorating bath. And spiritual dew comes from quietly lingering in the Master’s presence….” Blessings to you!

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